Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose: Found Object Art Contest
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Have you ever looked at an artwork and recognized different elements as everyday household objects? Have you thought that it looked like something you could make?

Let’s put that theory to the test by making your own found object artwork and entering it into our contest! Get inspired by the soldier artists of World War II! Come take a look at the Trench Art they made, currently on view at the Museum, and see how soldiers transformed unconventional materials into an artwork—just like you can!


The National WWII Museum is partnering with The Green Project for this special contest just for kids. Need inspiration or materials? Head to The Green Project starting October 15 to pick up a recycled paint bucket filled with an assortment of materials!

The Rules:

  • You can only use everyday household objects that you have found around your home or that you’ve collected – no buying anything new! Get inspired by exploring some of the recycled objects found at The Green Project and pick up a surprise kit of materials waiting to be transformed. 
  • Innovate and find new ways of making. Think of the many WWII soldiers who made art in the trenches using what they had available to them and how they elevated these materials into something new. Try marrying or connecting 2 to 3 objects, or changing at least 50% of an object to transform it into something new.
  • Does your artwork have a theme or message? Does it have a function? Make sure to tell us a little bit about it and give it a title!
  • Most importantly, be sure to submit some good pictures or a video of your artwork through the museum FlipGrid! Take a look at these tips to help you represent your artwork in the best possible light.
The Judges:
  • Melissa Tran, Youth & Family Engagement Specialist, National WWII Museum
  • Erin Genrich, Environmental Education Coordinator, The Green Project
  • Tom Czekanski, Senior Curator & Restoration Manager, National WWII Museum
  • Marcus Brown, Electrosonic Painter & NOCCA Artist
The Prizes:
  • First Place: Unique artwork from local artist Dr. Bob
  • Second Place: Tickets for you and 5 friends or family to visit the National WWII Museum
  • Third Place: Make and name your own paint color at The Green Project
  • Ideation/Parameters: Did they follow directions in the use of materials?
  • Composition: Did they compose or arrange and or assemble the objects in an interesting way?
  • Time on Task: Does it appear that the artist spent time and care in creating the assemblage?
  • Creativity: 
    • How inventive and expressive is the sculpture to you? 
    • Did the artist create the work in an imaginative way?
    • Is the work inspiring conceptually or formally?
Want to take it one step further? Get inspired by other artists and art movements!

*This contest is for kids 18 years and younger.

**Remember, safety first! If you need assistance using a certain tool or material, be sure to ask a parent, guardian, or older sibling.

Check out The National WWII Museum FlipGrid page to find out more information on how to enter, or email us at Please sign in or create a free FlipGrid account to participate!

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