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US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center

Ambassador Frank Lavin presents Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II

5:00 p.m. Reception  |  6:00 p.m. Presentation  |  7:00 p.m. Book Signing

Carl Lavin was a high school senior when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Home Front to Battlefront is the tale of a young foot soldier who finds himself thrust into a world where he and his unit grapple with the horrors of combat, the idiocies of bureaucracy, and the oddities of life back home—all in the same day. The book is based on Carl's personal letters, his recollections, and those of the people he served beside, official military history, private papers, and more.

Join us to hear a heartfelt account of Lavin’s experience, from his son, Ambassador Frank Lavin.

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Frank Lavin is the son of Carl Lavin. Frank has served as a US ambassador, White House aide, banker, and trade negotiator. He currently works in business in China.

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Time: 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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